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Saturday, January 31, 2004


To: Clark Howard, KSFO

(I just sent this to Clark Howard of KSFO talk radio (San Francisco) after listening to him talk over Joe Banister for a while.)

Clark Howard,

I've been listening to you, caught part of your talk with Joe Banister. I'm not writing to comment on what Joe said, I'm writing about what you say.

I ask that you listen to yourself carefully for a while. You will hear yourself using such words as "believe" and "feel" instead of "know" and "think", and you will hear yourself defending your position from fear rather than principle. Further, you use the phrase "your taxes" reflexively.

My commentary, then, is to address the semantic indicators in your forms of speech, the sum of which is that you do not present yourself as someone who knows facts, but rather is convinced of his own opinions.

That's a sad thing, because, really, if you know exactly which statute, or which section of the IRS code reflects a statute, that clearly requires 'Jimmy Blow' working on a construction site nailing fences together to file and pay the US income tax, you can put an end to this entire issue. Just get Joe Bannister back on the air and tell him the law(s).

You see, that's the sticking point that is fueling the growth of what is becoming known as the truth in taxation movement. Not whether the income tax is valid in its correct applications, but whether or not it is being applied correctly. While everything else truly is a political issue, government not staying within the law is a legal issue. And it is the seed of anarchy. You could make a difference.

Just cite the law.

Thank you.


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