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Saturday, November 08, 2003

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Christian Bowman responds.

You're damn right I got mad, Christian...all I had to do was think of my grandkids growing up into such disgusting environments. I simply cannot believe that any of those cops and administrators are still on the job today. What the #@%$& is wrong with the parents of those kids?!!!!

In the other note, I didn't go see Matrix III because M.II was such a rip-off. Lower my expectations far enough, and I'll forget you.

Say something worth hearing, and I'm listening. Christian does that, often.

I understand the impulse to go back in one more time. Did it myself, twice. Both times it dead-ended at the point my supposed allies started pushing for deals I couldn't make.

"Think of it as paying your dues," they said.

"Think of it as pimping me out," I responded.

I know there's huge libertarian contingent within the Republican Party. But it's time they quit hiding and came home.

All they have to do is admit that it's wrong to try to enforce their religion through the government, and there would no longer be any difference between us.

Not that I expect so much discernment to occur in a day, but one can hope.

...and reconcile.


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Goose Creek and Everywhere

Goose Creek, South Carolina
Terrorists employed by the city and state, posing as police officers and school officials, needlessly and viciously assaulted high school students at gunpoint in a "send-a-message" raid inside a school, complete with physical contact, drawn and pointed guns, and dogs.
CBS News Story

Fascism lives!

This is not an isolated incident. Government-controlled schools all over the country have been preparing similar raids and "drills" since before the beginning of the school year. In my own Mountain View, CA, neighbors of Landels School were shocked some months ago to hear someone using the school's PA system to practice terrorist commands that would presumably be used against the students at some point: "Freeze!" "Stand Where You Are!" "Don't Move!" "Get Down!"

Only Two Solutions

We citizens and our children are being blatantly abused. We are being pushed into a corner. But this is not without a plan. The objective is to complete our enslavement to the corporate state, and hopefully (their hope, not mine) accelerate that completion by eventually provoking enough incidents of violent or public resistance that they can then begin using actual force and gun sweeps to formalize their police state.

We have a choice as to how to respond without surrendering.


They want us to attempt a revolution. They want our private citizen militias to rise up so they can destroy them. They now that no opposition committed in the open can hope to prevail against the US military, so they want to draw us out. We've had that shown to us with the lesson of Iraq. What? you thought there was no valid reason for that invasion? I submit that its real intention was to demonstrate to our own people that nobody opposes our government and lives to brag about it. At least not en masse.

But one's greatest strength is also one's greatest weakness. Our military can't lose in a head-on fight, but it is a baby in the dark against guerilla warfare. It is a principle of history that this is always true of regimented forces. American patriots defeated the British (and the French, earlier) using guerilla tactics. And the Iraqis are defeating the US right now the same way.

But don't get me wrong. I'm not calling for violence or rebellion. In fact, I am speaking against it. I suggest you save your violence for those who come in the night. At that point anything goes. Set it up now.

Political Action

I see two modes of political action that must be implemented vigorously and immediately.

Individual Non-violent Action

Become The Belligerent Claimant in Person, and start setting an example of unyielding freedom.

I'm not saying to get yourself fired over income taxes or arrested for turning in your driver's license if you're responsible for a family, but to at least support those who do those things, and speak out in favor of their stand.

And if you're not responsible for a family, then I say you have nothing to lose by your freedom and your self-respect, and that Trans Am is just a toy you'll wish on your dying bed that you'd sacrificed to the cause a lot sooner.

Learn your rights from the source documents: stop listening to every guru that appears online or at your church just because he appears to be one of us. If you can't prove your position in court, then keep your mouth shut until you can. And if you can, well, then, proactively Just Say No to all infringements of your freedom.

Be responsible, be respectful, and be unyielding. Say NO when the store clerk asks you for your home address "because of National Secirity" or "Patriot Act" reasons.

Make a loud devil-may-care declaration every time anybody mentions the Patriot Act, saying that it is unconstitutional.

Personally, my line is, "Oh, that unconstitutional fascist piece of shit? Are you dumb enough to obey an illegal law?"

Lose friends. Forgo buying what fascist sympathizers won't sell you without you having to sell out. Win the one that's important.

In the end, all you've ever had was your free will and self-respect. Will you be able to say that you kept them?

Mass Political Action

There is only one political party in this country that will end our government's suicidal foreign entanglements and not also violate our individual rights in the process or immediately afterward. The Libertarian Party.

ALL of the other parties in this country are fascist, either to the communist end or the reactionary end of the established political spectrum.

Yes, I'm saying that the conservative wing of the Republican party is merely reactionary, and definitely fascist as much as any other. This groups isn't doing anything affirmatively; it spends most of its time whining about how it's losing its unconstitutional religious franchise over the minds of Americans, while mindlessly supporting foreign adventurism. Clearly, this group of accidental traitors cares more about owning you at the spiritual end of things than it cares about your right (and divine mandate) to find your way home through an act of free will.

And I'm saying that so-called social liberals are fascists too. They just want to cut the middlemen, the corporations, out of the mix. They want you to serve the government directly, in its role as the redistributive agent of their peculiar religion.

Yes, religion. The root of all social evil, at both ends of the political spectrum, Humanism and The Children of Abraham in an inadvertent unholy alliance to drive the people into one form or another of abject subjugation.

Stupid people all of them, ignoring the half of history that exposes the fallacies of their respective sides, each believing that his form of brainwashing and political coercion is best for us all-- stupid people fighting, not for our liberation but for the spoils of war. And we are the spoils.

If you are still in the Republican Party, you are part of the problem. If you think there is any chance whatsoever that the Republican party will preserve your constitutional rights, you've had your head up your tight little ass for the past two years, and the fumes have gotten to you big time.

And if you're in the Democratic Party or the Green Party, you are a communist pawn, denial or not.

Either way, you're selling us all, including yourselves and your families, down the road to slavery and misery. The only question among you is, Which brand?

That's why I've reactivated my role in the Libertarian Party.

Because the only way to put the brakes on this runaway train to hell is to vote ALL the bastards out. NONE of them have made a fart's difference in the momentum, so none of them are worthy of retention.

Clean house, close down the military-industrial and government-education combines, apologize to ourselves and the world, and just start over with the restoration of the Bill of Rights and Personal Responsibility.

And, Oh yes, bring our military home, raise its pay, and make it so dangerous to any fool who would attack us that the mere idea quickly fades into history.

And re-arm the citizenry. Let the government-manufactured child-kidnappers and political terrorists already among us suffer the surprise of their short little lives the very first time, and every time, they rear their ugly heads in our midst.

And maybe then, we won't have to include our own police officers on that short list to extinction.

That's my hope.


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