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Sunday, October 19, 2003


Don't stop now!

Doug Kenline, my blogging sponsor, is feeling despondent, thinking about quitting blogging. Seems life has happened to him while he was busy making other plans.

Looks like the Fourth-decade Crisis to me.

It happened to me. I had thought that I would have made a profound difference in the world by the time I was 40. I had thrown myself at the task like a hapless ball against the wall in a game of squash, continually having to take time out for the bitchy little demands of life (paying the rent, etc.), and suddenly I was 40 and the place was unrecognizably worse than when I had first noticed that it was bad!

Thank you John Lennon for having already explained how that happens, so I'd know it when I saw it.

Anyway, Doug, let me just say these two things.

First, if you're feeling like your life so far, all those agonizingly endless years of frustration failure and disappointment, has been a waste, just think of it this way: you haven't seen the half of it yet!

Second, if you quit now, you'll miss the fun part.

Besides, I have plans for Doug Kenline Wireless Opensource Networking Systems Conglomerated.

"Linux, opensource, unregulated spectrum. These are the things of individual liberty and freedom.

"If we could figure out some way to get everybody to have these powerful Linux servers in their homes with plasma television/computer monitors. All connected by some sort of OC192 wireless backhual system that was completely unregulated by the FCC.

"Every freedom fighter sitting in his own central office. Connected by self-healing wireless backhaull with so many alternate routes that nothing could ever shut down the network.

"This is the company that I would like to start. Doug Kenline Wireless Opensource Networking systems."

So stick around, Doug, I like your idea. And I'm still planning on cleaning up this joint.

All I need is the help of a few thousand New-World-Order failures, misfits and losers.

You'll do fine.


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