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Saturday, September 20, 2003


"J.C., meet J.t.B."

I said early this morning in my last post, "Life is astoundingly simple." I also said, "Maybe you do it (life) more than once,..."


So, what if we actually do? Do life more than once?

For reasons with the mass of which I don't want to clutter this post, and which I refuse to debate or defend, I see the likelihood that we do.

But I don't see that as complicated. As I said, it's, "...nothing more than doing stuff wrapped in entrances and exits." The song is not over, the paradigm remains the same.

Now, it is possible to take my earlier message as meaning that there is no meaning. And I do personally see the universe and existence as a zero-sum game: all things exist, all scenarios play out, and all roles are played. All in the eternal here-and-now, allthatis in the infinitely fertile imagination of The One.

Yet within all that, I do find reason to choose. Just because I see life as passing through infinitely reconfiguring chaos, does not mean I allow myself to be simply a leaf buffeted upon the waters by a fickle wind. Rather I should be the butterfly turning left instead of right as I flit down the Amazon, sending a little disturbance into the atmospheric cacaphony that will eventuate into a small hurricane over Jamaica in about 20 months.

Better I choose to do things consciously in the now, things that will make an affirmative impact later on my next who-knows-how-many lifetimes, if for no more firm reason than 'just in case'.

So I do go for walks in the park and sit on benches and dissolve into the minute, hour, or day. But in all that mist, I am dreaming possible and probable futures. And I do stuff. But I look for stuff that will make a difference, maybe small stuff with large impact, maybe large stuff that only adds a touch of flavor, but an accumulation of stuff evincing a design nonetheless.

I try to make the stuff I do be something, because I will be the receiver of the result. The beneficiary of the consequences, if you will.

I'm not talking about "karma". The truth is much more direct than that, but I don't have time for all that here, just now. I'll just say that since there is no time, there is no sequence, there is no good-deeds bad-deeds depository and retribution system. That's just an old wive's tale, made up (a) because kids wouldn't stop asking questions whose answers weren't known and somebody needed to tell them something to get rid of their annoying persistence, and (b) it's a tale that works really well to scare millions of people into being good, out of a belief that without threats, they won't behave themselves.

Anyway, Scattered through this post is why I do the projects I do.

Maybe I'm totally selfish.

I have no intention of coming back around into a communist or fascist America.

Is that too harsh?

What if you don't agree that we come back?

Well, then, do it for your grandchildren.

Don't even bother yourself that I might be among them.

No need to worry that you might be there too. No need to tell me or anyone else if you agree with my view.

Just choose to do the things now that will deliver the desirable then to those who live into it.

I can keep a secret, after all.


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