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Saturday, September 20, 2003


Confused & Cluttered Minds

...are not proof that reality is complex.

We live in a matrix of lies made to fool us into believing that life is complex and that we can't live it without help, direction and rules.

Somebody else's "help", somebody else's direction, somebody else's rules.

Actually, life is astoundingly simple:

You get in, you do stuff, you get out.

Maybe you do it (life) more than once, but even that would be nothing more than doing stuff wrapped in entrances and exits.

Like a play. All pretend. Two shows a night, dark Mondays.

Curtain draws aside, lights come up. man sitting on a chair, blank set.

"Oooo, I just can't decide, blue or green, evening or afternoon, drive to the country or marry the bigmouth I met at the bar.... Life is so full of challenges!"

Give me a break!!!!!

You come around, you do stuff, you take off.

Often, while you're doing stuff, things get in the way.

Sometimes, you laugh about it, sometimes you get really pissed, and sometimes you don't even notice, you just take care of the glitch and proceed.

Because, after all, you're just doing stuff. Might as well include whatever comes up.

No need to be rigid.

"No, I can't do anything today, I've set this lifetime aside for a Special Purpose, and here I am, almost 40 and I am finally taking a day off to figure out what it was.

"Whaddy mean, why didn't I do that sooner, if the life was set aside? Whaddya mean, I've wasted half of it and what the heck was I doing?

"I was doing stuff, that's what I was doing. I was busy.

"Besides, it takes money to do stuff, even a Special Purpose, so I had to get a job. And then I needed a car. And then I took up with the bigmouth I met at the bar."

"And now I can't decide, drive to the country or marry the bigmouth.

"Hey, I know, I'll do both. This afternoon.

"Whaddya mean, what about taking the day off to figure out my Special Purpose? Don'tya see I got stuff to do?

"Besides, there's always tomorrow.

"And not only that, but I really don't want to know. If I did, I'd have to stop it with all this doing stuff, and do something.

"I'm not ready for that.

"Not today."


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