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Tuesday, August 26, 2003


It's not about Christians

I'd like to have this Alabama-thing discussion done with as much as anyone else. But I just can't keep quiet about serious misconceptions and misunderstandings.

My blog-buddy David Goodyear comments, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion, that at some time in his past, Allen Hacker was abused by Christians.

Whether that is true is irrelevant, and to think that it might be the reason I've spoken out against Judge Roy Moore's transgressions can only be the result of not knowing me.

I have said that I grew up in an abusive pseudo-christian family. But I have also been far more abused by Humanists in the school system and government.

It might be okay with me to say that my past unhappy experiences with totalitarian dictatorial jerks of all stripes has moved me to take up my crusade for liberty and Free Will against all trespassers.

But make no mistake about it. I don't hate Christians, or anybody else. I am capable of loving my enemies as I kill them.

In fact, in that respect, I do consider myself to be morally head and shoulders above most of the Christians I know--people who hate commies and athiests and 'other' "evil" people. Hate is a waste of self, and I haven't the time for the pain.

I have just as firmly contested with local governments: Palo Alto when their Humanist-dominated politburo spent city money to bring in the Dali Lama and pretended that it was just a cultural event while denying Christans any visible participation in their little "peace and brotherhood ceremony"; San Jose when they stuck a multicultural rainbow up the taxpayers' collective ass and paid for a truly ugly sculpture of an Aztec god to be placed in a city park, where it sits to this day, looking for all the world like a huge dog turd.

And the biggest separation of church and state stink I have ever raised is an entire chapter in my book, On the Precipice of Epiphany, against the Humanist subversion of the public school system.

David Goodyear says that placing an item of religion in a courthouse doesn't turn it into a place of worship. I wonder if he would also say that removing all vestiges of monotheistic religions from the public schools and replacing then with a proactive indoctrination of students into Humanist theory and pantheism doesn't turn the schools into atheist churches.

Of course it does! You just have to understand that the word "religion" describes Christianity, etc., and not the other way around. By this I mean that if you think that for something to be religious it must follow the structural pattern of Christianity, you will never see the enemies of your church coming.

Ah, well, this is a never-ending argument. And it gives me sorrow that my Christians friends are so defensive and territorial that they can't see an ally when he is standing right in front of them pointing to the beams in their eyes.

Remember, only your real friends will tell you when your breath has gone sour.

If you want more from me on this, you'll have to get it from my book(s).

My first, Mind Matters, is free on the AEscir website. Follow the publications and free materials links. The second half is technical, not a breezy read.

Several of my articles on various subjects are also available on that site, some of them in the same place as Mind Matters, some in the Articles section of the Articulate Management subsite.

Some of those articles also got included into my last book, available by clicking the On the Precipice of Epiphany link over there on the right. (Note that this book is not free. Nopr is it any easier to read than my blogging.)

Final note to all my friends:

You should not generalize me, nor try to understand me in common psychobabbel terms. What you need to do is read carefully what I write and stop assuming that disagreement and opposition are anger and enmity. If you do read me carefully, you will see that I include lots of clarifiers and quaifiers, and I try to say things with pedantic precision. True, that often makes reading me laborious and may send you to more often than you'd like, but it also leaves no excuse for misunderstanding such painful writing, or for twisting it into a tortured image of some substitute me.

The typos, now that's another story....

Maybe someday I'll write something on how the word-processor saved me from a lifetime of dyslexic frustration. (I once thanked Steve Wozniak for that.)

Did you know that I can mistype something as many as three characters off from center on the keyboard in any direction and still go back and read it, and tell you what it should have said? Something, Huh? Talent within disability.

Confucious said one's greatest strength is also one's greatest liability. Perhaps the opposite is also true, that there might be a silver lining in a disability that can serve one well.

Whatever the sugar-coating, I had to learn to read very carefully. But I don't think I'm the only one who should make the effort.


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