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Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Hannity & Colmes hatchet Kuglin

Well, there you have it.

Anybody who thinks the Fox News Channel is objective is breathing his own swamp gas.

But then, as I've discussed below, our side helps the other side far more than it needs to.

When Hannity asks Kuglin something to the effect that, "So what you're saying is that none of us should be paying this tax?" WHY NOT JUST SAY "Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying!"

We should not be trying to explain all this legalese. We should just say it simply:

"No, you're wrong in accusing me of not paying when everyone else is, you should be accusing everyone else of being ignorant and doing something the law doesn't appear to require them to do!"

"Of course I'm paying my fair share. And I pay all of the taxes I know I owe. But I am not in the habit of paying over my money without question to just anyone who sends me a bill and won't tell me what my legal obligation is to pay it."

How about if Vernie had just said,

"Really, Sean, aren't you just a little bit jealous that you don't understand the world around you and I've gotten free?"

And what's with that little no-chance-to-reply segment-closing remark by Alan Colmes that "We just want to see that the law is obeyed and the taxes are paid."

Is that an agenda or what? And a false one at that? And to pursue it, they had to deflect all the conversation away from the simple fact that the whole case was about whether or not there actually is a law!

Remember this folks:

There are stupid people.
They're everywhere.
They don't know they're stupid.

And stupid people are stubbornly pushy that they know all about something they really could never understand.

"We stupid people believe that there's a law. Therefore you have to obey it."


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