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Saturday, July 05, 2003


Bad Doug

My friend Doug Kenline thinks it's okay to berate and belittle people into doing what he wants. Thinks it's more manly or something than just asking. Heaven forbid he should be revealed as the choosy beggar.

Never mind that he doesn't want what they offer, even if it will get him what he is asking for.

Why is this guy my friend?

I've been in this movement for 40 years. Spent all that time either broke or giving it all away. I've got a lot of dead and broke friends who played it badly with the best of intentions. One thing I know for sure. If I try to rescue every well-meaning fool who jumps off a bridge without a plan, I'll be consumed in a day. I've wasted way too much in learning that, don't need to spend another dime or minute on that lesson.

Dick Simkanin had years to salt away a defense fund. I am astounded to hear that he needs help.

Gene Chapman is in his glory, and the worse off he gets materially, the more glorified he will be in his own eyes.

All of the oh-so-righteous (but misguided) Christians who think that material wealth is somehow the antithesis to spirituality (you can't have both, can't serve God and Mammon both) are getting exactly what they want: stripped of material possessions and martyred. So what the hell are they complaining about?

I could go on, but the point is obvious.

You guys go ahead on out there and play sacrificial lambs. Blame everyone else for the messes you're in because of your impatience and impulsiveness.

Hey, I've got a great idea --I know a guy in New York who's got a bunch of papers you can file on your way off the bridge. No safety net in place just yet, but maybe if you fall slowly enough you won't hit the rocks too hard.

So far, the patriot movement is a big stinking failure. And I'm not one to hand a pistol to a child, so if you don't like going through hoops, pin your hopes elsewhere.

Note that Doug complained that I seemed to be withholding something. Never occurred to him to just ask for it and see what happened.

I'm busy at work building a future world in liberty, and a multi-track path to get there. If it's not coming together the way you want, do it yourself.


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