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Sunday, December 28, 2003

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It Isn't So

My buddy and drinkin'/fightin' pal Doug Kenline says on Dec 23rd over on his WTP Georgia blog that Devvy Kidd, Executive Director of We The People Congress, has removed him without an explanation.

If this is what happened, Devvy doesn't have the authority to do it.

Per her contract with WTPC, Devvy has the power to remove any coordinator for cause.

However, removal for cause requires investigation and confirmation of cause before the fact of removal, implies the opportunity to be heard in the process, and requires that detailed notification of cause be included in the removal notice. And common courtesy asks that one be given a chance to disprove the charge(s) or atone and correct oneself.

Kinda like what happened between me and he. Live and learn, make it better.

Basically, it's a matter of due process. But, in this case it appears, Denied!

Stand up for your right to due process, Doug.

Ignore arbitrary and unauthorized edicts.

There are a few serious things wrong at WTP. One of them is that Devvy does this now and then. Another is that Bob fails to communicate. And there are other things.

If we can't talk about them, then what have we got? Only two choices: either concede to caprice and waste what's been built by letting it deterioriate into just another authoritarian monster, or hold the ground and defend the declared vision and purpose against all comers, including WTP HQ (Devvy). Even against Bob, if need be.

Maybe you did give WTPC cause to remove you. Maybe HQ figured you had embarrassed WTPC even more than they have embarrassed it themselves. But if so, Devvy must say so, with specifics.

Meanwhile... Ignore it, Doug.


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